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Ruubi Kodu guesthouse has single rooms, double rooms and three-person rooms. Double rooms and three-person rooms can also be used as family rooms.
All guests are welcome to use the ground floor kitchen and appliances.
Shower rooms locate on both the ground and first floor. The sauna is also available for a small charge. Guests can watch TV on the ground floor. Also, all rooms are equipped for guests’ personal TVs.

Guest can use wireless internet free of charge.

We offer accommodation from one night to permanent stay. Rooms are available for lease from 2 months to a year.

Closed parking lot is located in the courtyard.

House layout
Courtyards terrace is available for barbequing and relaxing. Grilling supplies and charcoal are in the guesthouse.

Placement of rooms and beds on the ground floor.
Placement of rooms and beds on the first floor.

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NB! This layout is figurative and does not show actual proportions.

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